This page shows the validation plots for Fiji.

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Fiji Wave Model Validation

Model validation was carried out in order to check the models accuracy against the measured waves.

In Fiji, waves were measured for a long period of time at only one location (07/06/1991 - 31/12/1993).

Validation statistics

The tables below shows the Root Mean Square Error, skill and Bias of the model.

Location RMS Skill Bias
Location 1 0.355 0.910 -0.097

The models skill is more than 0.9 and the bias is in the negatives indicating that the model is very accurate. The RMS is within the expected error for this type of model.

The scatter of the comparison and the quantile show a more detailed analysis of the models' performance.

Model vs measured waves

The scatter plot shows the divergence between the model and measurements. The spread of the scatter is relatively uniform across all the measured wave heights suggesting that the model is valid for wave heights between 0.0m and 5.0m. The quantile/quantile plot shows how the bias varies with different wave heights. The bias is relatively small for wave heights below 5.0m which corresponds to all the trade wind waves and swells. Larger waves are often created by nearby cyclones which are not well resolved in the model.

Scatter plots

Model vs Measured


Quantile/Quantile plot


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