Understanding the wave climate in the Pacific region is critical for coastal management and climate change adaptation. The Changing Waves and Coasts in the Pacific (WACOP) project is using the latest research tools to assess the baseline wave climate and its variability as well as the predicted changes in wave climate in the Pacific region.

WACOPWave atlas

Little is known about the climate of the waves in the Pacific because little data is available. Using numerical models and limited data we can define the present day wave climate with reasonable accuracy.

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WACOPWave hazards

Large wave events have caused significant inundation and erosion on the coasts of many Pacific island countries and territories. To better understand how these waves cause inundation we have collected precious oceanographic data in Fiji and Tuvalu.

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WACOPWave climate change

The wave climate in the Pacific is affected by large scale atmospheric oscillation such as El Nino. Climate change is also having an effect on the waves in the Pacific.

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